Our Queen

Chukotka Zaimka n24

DOB: 31/03/18

Chuky is a gorgeous and a very sweet girl. She came from the famous cattery Zainka in Ukraine. Her father has one of the highest titles in FIFA in Eastern Europe. She is very large. Her head is excellent and her fur and coat is magnificent. She has a great temperament and great personality. She loves everyone. Her markings are fantastic and she is brown spotted like a leopard. She is active and full of energy. She is your best friend. 



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Tests: FeLV(-), FIV(-),HCM


Omelitsa Zaimka, n 09 24


DVM, SC (FIFe) Figaro Onix Gloria

Lisa Golden Forest ny22

DOB: 07/08/18

Lisa is Bear's sister. She is again amazing gold Sibaris from Moscow, Russia. She will mate with Cutie and they should have great gold and blue kittens. The combination of the two will result in world class Siberian Cats. She is smart, kind, playful and always purring. She is intelligent and curious and always  with the family. 



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Tests: FeLV(-), FIV(-),HCM


Zabava Sibaris ny22


Danilo Sibaris n24 

Joy Nicholas Siberians ns 24 09

DOB: 09/22/18

Joy is a the daughter of Nicholas Siberians' Cosmo and Freya. She is very talkative and will actually try to communicate with you. She is very cuddly and loves attention. She likes to snuggle and exudes love and affection. She is very smart and enjoys the other cats and the family. Her fur and color are stunning. Her green eyes stand out against the incredible coat. She is the favorite of many who have visited and of my son Torkan. She is an amazing and exclusive cat. 



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Tests: FeLV(-), FIV(-

Mom Tayana Freya Angelur of Nicholas Siberians



Cosmo Sladkoye Pyatnishko n2409


Joy’s Mom Freya is a talking cat