Diva Zaimka  ns 09 24, dob 05.04.2018

Mom - Tayshet Zaimka, ny 09 24
Dad - Xariton Siberian Dream, as 09 24
Diva’s pedigree - https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&ids=5%3A1315166%3B4%3A1226751%3B3%3A1380169&g=5&p=sib&o=ajgrep

Diva is one of our favorites.She is top of the line imported from Ukraine. She is fourteen pounds of class and style. She is intelligent and full of energy. She has a rare  exclusive color B Metallic tone. She has gold and silver markings.  She is a real doll and is always playing with the children.  She is amazing.